Idea Flow Page Updates – New Links to McKinsey Research and Manager Commentary

Keeping up on our theme of bringing clients the best thinking in the market on a wide variety of subjects, we have added a link to McKinsey’s Quarterly Research on the Idea Flow page.  It is completely free and easy to access.  If you want their full reports you will need to register with them, but those also are free and we have not received any unwanted e-mails as a result of registration.  I think you will find the current links particularly interesting.

How the Role of Equities May Shrink 

Equity Analysts – Still Too Bullish

Next, we have posted Mauldin’s latest.  Yes, the title gives you a good idea of how cheery he is.

The End of Europe?

In addition, one of our top managers, Fiduciary Management Inc. (FMI) has put out their Q4 letter.  It is always worth a look.

FMI Q42011 Large Cap Letter

Please check our Idea Flow section for more links to some of the research and commentary we find useful.

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